Malden Artists

The following artists of The Gallery@57 reside in our gallery's home town,
Malden, MA.

Elizabeth Campbell-Tompkins 
Joana Clement
Lisa DeCobert
Betsey Cogswell
Linda Dolph
Linda Fasciano
Sandy Felder

Eli Lapaix
Yana Lapaix
Ethan MacAdam
Lori Manfra
Ose Manheim
Grace Julian Murthy
Kari Percival
Ginny Remedi-Brown
Elizabeth Scorsello
Lisa L. Sears
Michelle Trammel
Kahsay Tsadkan
Paige Wallis
Fiona Therese Youmell


The following organization members of The Gallery@57 are based in our gallery's home town, Malden, MA.

Friends of Fellsmere Heights (FOFH)
Project Have Hope
Malden Reads


Malden themed artwork can be found here:

Malden, MA 02148